Travel Checklist: Vaccinations


Bags packed? Check. Tickets booked? Check. Passports in hand? Check.  

But are your vaccinations up to date?

It’s summertime! That means pool parties, cookouts, and often taking vacations abroad. When planning a trip, we make sure we have our hotels booked and itinerary planned but how often do we think about vaccinations? It is especially important to consider needed medications and vaccinations when travelling internationally. 

The CDC recently released a statement urging travelers to Europe to make sure that they have vaccine protection against measles. Unknown by many, Europe is currently experiencing its highest rates of measles cases since the 1980s.  Although this is not a new recommendation, the CDC is reiterating it in light of the current outbreak.  

What does this mean for you?

If you are travelling internationally or on a cruise with a baby 6-11 months old, they will need their first dose of the MMR vaccine. For those over 12 months, they will need both doses of the MMR vaccine. Please be mindful that the minimum interval between the two doses is 28 days.  There are no recommendations for dosing under 6 months of age, so if your child is younger than 6 months, please take into account the inherent risk that comes with international travel.

If you have any questions about your travels or vaccinations, call us up or schedule a visit. We will answer your questions and give our medical advice.

Ensure your travel is both fun and safe! Make sure vaccinations are part of your travel preparation checklist!

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