Effects of Electronics: How Screen Time Can Affect Our Children

Electronics affect almost every aspect of our daily lives. They are sources of communication, organization, entertainment and distraction. Our children have more exposure to electronics than any generation before them and the question many of us are asking is: How is it affecting them? A patient of ours sent MD Pediatric Associate providers some questions […]

4 Questions with Dr. Shumate

  Dr. Shumate, what inspired you to enter medicine? When I was six, our local hospital held a Teddy Bear Clinic where we all got to go through the ER and “heal” our stuffed animals “hurts.” I was sold. I decided I wanted to be a doctor and haven’t turned back.   What do you […]

Amanda Travel Health

Video: Travel Health Tips

Traveling abroad with your family? Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Amanda Whisnant reviews some travel health tips to keep in mind, as well as how to prepare before your trip.     Transcript Hi, I’m Amanda Whisnant, one of the nurse practitioners at MD Pediatrics. Today I’d like to address some common questions regarding your family’s health when […]

4 Questions with Amanda

Amanda, what inspired you to enter medicine? As a young child, I was diagnosed with asthma. In those days, it was a scary and unfamiliar diagnosis for families to receive. I was constantly shuffled back & forth between pulmonology and allergy appointments. Though it was a scary, it helped prepare me to be more sympathetic […]

Dr. Forbes Video

Video: Dr. Forbes on Behavioral Health

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home and why does it matter? Dr. Forbes explains, detailing why the Patient-Centered Medical Home approach delivers better results for patients with behavioral health conditions like ADHD.   Transcript Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Forbes. I am a pediatrician at MD Pediatrics, and I’d like to talk about behavioral health today. At […]

4 Questions with Dr. Vani

Dr. Vani, what do you like about being a pediatrician? I love the challenge of ever-changing growth and development that makes every age unique and diverse in pediatrics. Also, there is something special about the smile of young patients and the trust that their parents place in me. It drives me to the best I can at all times. […]


Introducing Your Child to Highly Allergic Foods

Given the recent news about the new recommendations for preventing peanut allergies, we at MD Pediatrics would like to take the time to review our parental guidelines on how to introduce highly allergic foods, like eggs, peanuts, and fish, to infants.   Current recommendations are that infants should be introduced to solids around the age of […]

4 Questions with Kim

What do you like most about your job? There are two things that I find most gratifying about my job.  The first is the fact that I get to watch my patients grow and get to enjoy each stage of their life. I love getting to be a part of their life.  I also find […]

4 Questions with Dr. Fitzgerald

What inspired you to become a doctor? When I was in high school, I took a class in physiology and learned some interesting facts about how the human body works; my teacher  noted my interest and encouraged me to pursue pre-medicine in college with a biology degree.  From that early interest, it was a natural […]

Dr Vani on Vaccines

The Importance of Vaccines: Video

It’s okay to have questions about vaccines, and we’re here to give you answers. Dr. Vani explains what vaccines are, how they work, and why we support vaccination for children at MD Pediatrics. Transcript: Vaccines: Why are they important? Dr. Vani: Hello, I’m Dr. Vani Venkatachalam, one of the community pediatricians at MD Pediatric Associates. Today […]

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