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You Voted, We’re Honored! Nothing makes us happier than happy, healthy patients! It feels great to get feedback from patients and parents that you’re happy with the care that we provide to your families. Every year, North Texas Magazine asks their readers for recommendations on everything from plumbers to pediatricians, and we’re honored that you continue […]

The Flu Vaccine: Your Family’s Best Protection

I often have parents tell me that they vaccinate against the flu because they don’t want sniffles, fevers, and body slowing down their family. This is certainly a valid reason for receiving the flu shot, but it’s important to remember that the flu can be much more than an uncomfortable inconvenience; each year thousands of […]

Dr Vani on Vaccines

The Importance of Vaccines: Video

It’s okay to have questions about vaccines, and we’re here to give you answers. Dr. Vani explains what vaccines are, how they work, and why we support vaccination for children at MD Pediatrics. Transcript: Vaccines: Why are they important? Dr. Vani: Hello, I’m Dr. Vani Venkatachalam, one of the community pediatricians at MD Pediatric Associates. Today […]

Dr. Fitz on antibiotics

Flu Mist Update: Video

Have you heard? The FluMist wont be available for the 2016-2017 flu season, meaning that everyone will need to get the shot. Dr. Fitzgerald explains this decision and affirms why you and your family should receive the flu vaccine this year. Transcript: Dr. Fitzgerald: Hi, I’m Ralph Fitzgerald. I’m one of the doctors at MD […]

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