4 Questions with Donna Thornley

Donna, what inspired you to enter medicine? I have always been super interested in everything involving medicine since I was a kid. I had one of those doctor kits: kind of like those Doc Mcstuffin ones. My siblings were my first patients! What do you like most about your job? I really enjoy the times […]

Travel Checklist: Vaccinations

  Bags packed? Check. Tickets booked? Check. Passports in hand? Check.   But are your vaccinations up to date? It’s summertime! That means pool parties, cookouts, and often taking vacations abroad. When planning a trip, we make sure we have our hotels booked and itinerary planned but how often do we think about vaccinations? It is especially […]

The Family Table

Setting Expectations: WD-40 For Future Choices What a gift parents give to their children when they lovingly and firmly set expectations about present and future behavior.  Nowhere does that count more than at The Family Table.  Comprising a healthy, vibrant nutrition plan for your family can literally be feast or famine when food choices are […]

14 Must-Read Children’s Books

Children’s books have a special power. They let us go on adventures with Winnie the Pooh, be amazed at Charlotte’s Web, and enjoy the antics of the Cat in the Hat. Children’s books spark creativity and bring sweet memories of reading with our families. If you are looking for a new book to read with […]

4 Questions with Sarah Null

What inspired you to enter medicine? Early in my collegiate career I was given opportunities to work in a few different hospital settings. The mentor I had during that time really made a profound impact on me. He helped me see the way we, as medical providers, are more than someone who gives diagnoses or […]

Recipe for Healthy Holidays: Food for Thought

Holidays can bring out the relaxing, upbeat best (and sometimes the hectic,tense worst) in kids and parents. These times highlight the challenges of effective parenting. They are a “tester” of sorts. How can parents promote the warm atmosphere that defines the best of life in a healthy family? Parenting starts with understanding your own personality […]

Effects of Electronics: How Screen Time Can Affect Our Children

Electronics affect almost every aspect of our daily lives. They are sources of communication, organization, entertainment and distraction. Our children have more exposure to electronics than any generation before them and the question many of us are asking is: How is it affecting them? A patient of ours sent MD Pediatric Associate providers some questions […]

Beline photo

Beline Boyle Retires

With heavy hearts but immense gratitude, this summer we say goodbye to one of our longterm team members, Nurse Practitioner Beline Boyle. Beline has been a part of the MD Pediatrics family for over twenty years, and though we will dearly miss her we are excited for her next steps in life. Her last day […]

Thank You!

Nothing makes us happier than happy, healthy patients! It feels great to get feedback from patients and parents that you’re satisfied with the care that we provide to your families.   Every year, North Texas Magazine asks their readers for recommendations on everything from plumbers to pediatricians, and we’re honored that you continue to vouch for us as […]

Becca Video TCAMP

TCAMP: Take Charge Asthma Management Program

Does your child take daily asthma medications? Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Becca McCurdy reviews MD Pediatrics’s TCAMP (Take Charge Asthma Management) Program for our patients who use asthma medications on a daily basis. It’s important to use your medications everyday, even when you’re feeling well!       Transcript: “Hi, I’m Becca McCurdy, one of the pediatric […]

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