4 Questions with Donna Thornley

Donna, what inspired you to enter medicine?

I have always been super interested in everything involving medicine since I was a kid. I had one of those doctor kits: kind of like those Doc Mcstuffin ones. My siblings were my first patients!

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy the times when kids are very interactive with me in the office. It is so much fun to hear what is going on in their lives, what is important to them and which goals they have set forth for the future and are achieving. There are so many amazing talented patients at MD Pediatrics! However, I do realize that many times kids who come to the office are sick and simply don’t feel like being chatty and this is totally understandable!

Why did you choose pediatrics as a specialty?

I just really do love working with kids! They are fun to hang around!

What’s something about you that patients may not know?

I played on the volleyball and tennis team in high school. Though I still love playing those sports when I get the chance, a knee issue recently forced me to find new means of exercise. Thankfully I did discover a new exercise I truly love and that is biking. It is one of my favorite times to listen to my podcasts. Of course, its always safety first! I always wear my helmet!

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