CHADIS block

Child Health and Developmental Interactive System


The CHADIS portal is a document collection tool.  From this portal, you might send an Ages & Stages Developmental Questionnaire to assess for autism, or an ADHD Vanderbilt assessment document to determine if your child is doing optimally at home or school.

Sending documents ahead of time better prepares your healthcare provider and helps your appointment run more smoothly. If you are new to the portal, please follow the steps below based on your child’s profile.


For Well Checks at 9, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months: On our website’s homepage,, click on the blue CHADIS block and scroll down to where you see “New to CHADIS.” Click on the blue “I have an invitation code,” and use our phone number with no dashes as the code:  9724201475.

Within the CHADIS portal, documents will be offered to you based on your child’s age and the appointment type you have upcoming.


For ADHD:  This online tool will help to improve the communication between you (the parent), the teacher and us, to provide optimal quality care for our patients. For all ADHD follow-ups, it is required to have both the parent and teacher Vanderbilt assessment documents  completed. If they are not completed prior the appointment date, you will not receive a refill on medication; once the forms are complete, the refill can be written.

When you are in the office, ask the front desk staff how to register.

Additionally, you may get an appointment reminder from us by text or email, which comes from a tool called Smile Reminder/Solution Reach.  You may also receive an email before an appointment from Phreesia, which allows you to update your demographics and skip the orange pad in the office.



"I appreciate having a way to access documents like shot records online- it's instantaneous!"

- Sarah F

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